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Solar in Florida has shown a lot of innovation in recent years. However, an upcoming state constitutional amendment vote could spell boom or bust for solar in the state.

San Diego


Cities have been a key driver in the continued growth of solar over the years. Find out which cities are doing the best on making the switch to clean solar energy.


A recent report detailing options for dealing with the end of solar subsidies leaves out one important option -- equalizing solar subsidies with those received by fossil fuels.


PACE programs around the country help homeowners go solar; it all began when Cisco DeVries in Berkeley realized that solar needed financial, not technological, innovation.


Several states have challenged their original Renewable Portfolio Standard laws. Ohio is the first to succeed in such a challenge, with SB 310, which went into effect September 12.


Why isn't there more solar in Texas? While a number of factors have kept it from climbing higher on the list of top solar states, a changing landscape could soon make solar the new wind in Texas.


What will make rooftop solar a common home feature? Costs as low as or lower than electricity from the grid. When is that much-discussed "grid parity" going to happen? Soon -- very, very soon.


Tony Abbott-led government’s anti-renewables moves darken Australian solar industry outlook.


Sunrun and SolarCity both announce expansions in Nevada. The companies are bringing more solar-as-a-service options to Nevada homeowners, while adding jobs in the state.


The solar industry, where policy trumps sunshine as a resource, is hugely influenced by politics. There are five factors affecting solar politics and what we can do to influence their course.