solar loan


Astrum Solar and Hudson Clean Energy develop the Simple Solar Loan Program to make it easy for homeowners to go solar with no upfront costs. The application process has also been simplified.


Admirals Bank releases two new solar loans that will speed up loan process while also being appropriate for a wider variety of borrowers. Dealers will offer loans, ensuring a large market.


Sungage and Digital Federal Credit Union create $100 million residential solar loan program. With Sungage's secured solar loans, the system serves as collateral, not relying on home equity.


The California Center for Sustainable Energy introduces new web-based tools outlining current financing options for solar and energy-efficiency upgrades. Both PACE and other loans are detailed.


After testing out solar loans for a while, SolarCity announces its new MyPower loan program. It acts as a PPA-loan hybrid with payments based on how much electricity is generated each month.