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In Part II of our Intersolar 2016 coverage we explore solar financing, storage, whether solar has crossed the chasm -- and let's not forget, Solar Battle of the Bands!


Comparing solar quotes can seem confusing at first. But when you know what to focus on, it's simple and quick. And homeowners can get help with this at Domino.


A calculator from John Farrell at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance lets you compare leasing to ownership, and see the value of your solar investment over 15, 25, and 30 years.


Dividend Solar combines the best of both worlds with its new full-service solar loan platform that offers O&M and monitoring, and gives investors a vehicle to invest in residential solar at a meaningful scale.


NationWize Solar completes the installation of 70 solar systems for low- and medium-income homeowners in New Orleans, just part of its plan to install solar on 1000 homes by early 2015.


Sunrun and SolarCity both announce expansions in Nevada. The companies are bringing more solar-as-a-service options to Nevada homeowners, while adding jobs in the state.


SolarCity reports a loss that’s double that of this quarter last year, but lower than expected -- and a doubled customer base. The company aims to be one of the largest electricity providers in the U.S.


Amicus Solar Cooperative and LFC Capital offer a low-cost way to purchase a solar system for companies that can’t monetize the ITC, with an initial allocation of $50 million for solar leases for businesses.


SunPower enters into an agreement with Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital for up to $44.5 million, allowing SunPower to leverage existing lease assets and expand its program.


REC Solar positions itself to grow the mid-sized commercial solar market. With creative financing strategies, the company hopes to overcome the challenges to...