Solar Financing


SolarCity announces $200 million worth of solar bonds that consumers can invest in -- providing a way for more people to participate in the solar revolution even if they can't put solar on their roof.


PACE programs around the country help homeowners go solar; it all began when Cisco DeVries in Berkeley realized that solar needed financial, not technological, innovation.


ReneSola announces a new loan for the residential solar and LED markets. The company says the new financing program will equip its network of installers to reach a wider customer base.


A calculator from John Farrell at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance lets you compare leasing to ownership, and see the value of your solar investment over 15, 25, and 30 years.


Innovative Solar Systems makes buying utility-scale solar farms easier for large investors. ISS has enabled investors to submit a letter of intent and purchase facilities upon completion.


In a major addition to its collaborative economy and tech chops, leading peer-to-peer solar financing platform Mosaic announces that "instigator" Lisa Gansky will be joining its board of directors.


Dividend Solar combines the best of both worlds with its new full-service solar loan platform that offers O&M and monitoring, and gives investors a vehicle to invest in residential solar at a meaningful scale.


OneRoof Energy partners with an unrelated third-party securing equity for a $58 million residential solar financing fund. The fund will support over 2000 residential solar PPAs in next 12 months.


Tony Abbott-led government’s anti-renewables moves darken Australian solar industry outlook.


Leaf Solar Power and LightStream form strategic relationship for up to $100,000 in financing for residential solar projects. Borrowers may apply for an unsecured, fixed-rate LightStream solar loan.