BrightCurrent is making significant gains in the solar marketing industry. It's dominating the field through an emphasis on education. For them, it's about what consumers know, not what they have.


SfunCube, the world’s first solar startup incubator, celebrates it successes and announces new branding -- complete with a new logo and website, and a new name: Powerhouse.


Danny Kennedy, co-founder and executive vice president of Sungevity will be leaving the company to become Managing Director of CalCEF.


Ra Power Management is the first solar asset management system of its kind, making it easier for solar investors and developers to track their projects, optimize costs, and have an overall more efficient and less-risky way to manage their solar assets.


Startup hopes to create a transparent window into solar loans. Company expects solar customers to care where their money is coming from, and who it benefits.


Sunible is acquired by Domino, a one-stop site that makes it easy for consumers to achieve low-carbon living. This is a natural extension of Sunible's work to make solar mainstream.


Utility API founder Daniel Roesler tells us about the problem his startup is solving, what he's doing to cut solar soft costs, and his vision for the future of energy. Hint: It involves a lot of solar.


At a sold-out rooftop party, solar startup incubator SfunCube announces a new corporate sponsorship from GE Energy Ventures -- just one way SfunCube is supporting solar entrepreneurs.