Property Assessed Clean Energy


If there’s one thing that’s true of solar financing, it’s that there’s no one formula for success. That was evident at a recent panel discussion put on by SF Environment, Emerging Solar Financing Models.


PACE programs around the country help homeowners go solar; it all began when Cisco DeVries in Berkeley realized that solar needed financial, not technological, innovation.


Adding to the saga of PACE financing, John Farrell discusses how PACE began and what California is doing to keep it alive.


The HERO-branded PACE program continues spreading throughout California. The HERO program lets homeowners and commercial property owners pay off solar installations and other...


Minnesota launches PACE program with three projects in Minneapolis. This unique statewide program will allow local governments to enter into PACE programs. Minnesota’s statewide...


Demeter Power Group and the Clinton Global Initiative partner to offer a first-of-its kind deal for a PPA that’s paid back through a property tax assessment.


LA County approves PACE financing to make solar and other energy-efficiency renovations affordable for homeowners. The program is expected to create 5,200 jobs...


Enphase Energy reports that it has successfully partnered with the PACE program HERO to help more California homeowners go solar. The program has...


Chandler's Roofing announces the rollout of the HERO financing program for their Southern California customers. HERO, a branded version of Porperty Assessed Clean...


As the housing market improves, residential PACE programs return in some cities. Homeowners in Orange County can now participate in PACE and also...