Powerhouse is still in a sunshine state of mind. The solar startup incubator and accelerator hosted hundreds of guests at last Friday’s sold-out New Dawn party in Oakland.


American Solar Direct and Mosaic announce a partnership that will allow customers to purchase a solar system with a zero-down loan, further increasing buyers' options for going solar.


Solar continues to grow and is penetrating the grid at greater levels than ever before. Going forward, Pablo Astorga sees batteries as the natural progression for home solar.


At Solar Power International, Shayle Kann of GTM Research asks a panel how we'll know when solar is mainstream, and what it will take to get there. Our answer? When we stop asking the question.


SolarCity announces $200 million worth of solar bonds that consumers can invest in -- providing a way for more people to participate in the solar revolution even if they can't put solar on their roof.


With Solar O&M becoming increasingly important, a set of best practices is slowly being formed. More than one effort aims to push these best practices further forward.


In a major addition to its collaborative economy and tech chops, leading peer-to-peer solar financing platform Mosaic announces that "instigator" Lisa Gansky will be joining its board of directors.


Dividend Solar combines the best of both worlds with its new full-service solar loan platform that offers O&M and monitoring, and gives investors a vehicle to invest in residential solar at a meaningful scale.


The Palmetto Group announces a new online investment platform, which lets accredited individuals invest in solar projects across America using secure, debt-based instruments.


Mosaic announces the appointment of Bruce Ledesma as Chief Operating Officer, signaling the increasing market uptake of the company’s peer-to-peer lending model.