grid parity


Why isn't there more solar in Texas? While a number of factors have kept it from climbing higher on the list of top solar states, a changing landscape could soon make solar the new wind in Texas.


What will make rooftop solar a common home feature? Costs as low as or lower than electricity from the grid. When is that much-discussed "grid parity" going to happen? Soon -- very, very soon.


A new report emphasizes the serious economic consequences of delaying action on climate change. SEIA urges states to expand solar energy, and the Worldwatch Institute highlights the growth of solar.


Advances in battery technology and availability allow consumers to store the energy they produce. Solar-plus-battery systems create the potential for a new population...


A new report from Rocky Mountain Institute, CohnReznick Think Energy, and HOMER Energy predicts widespread customer defection from the electric grid by 2025....


There’s a lot of debate these days about the future of solar power. Certain news media outlets who must not be named have...