SunShare and power management company Eaton partner for 5 projects in Colorado. The projects total 8.2 MW of solar.


GRID Alternatives and Enphase Energy expand their partnership. Latest agreement is expected to provide 3 MW of solar to 900 families.


Denver is teaming up with SunShare to power 16 municipal buildings. This will use 400 MW from 2 community solar gardens.


Net metering disputes are happening all around the country, yet the many benefits the program offers is undeniable.


Clean Energy Collective looks at how community solar can benefit communities by providing residential and commercial customers with solar, even if they can't put it on their roofs.


French company IRFTS aims to take solar mainstream in the U.S. by making solar installations cheaper and better-looking. North American Operations Manager Mateo Williford gives us an update.


At Solar Power International, Justin Barnes, an analyst with Keys, Fox & Wiedman LLP, takes a look at the future of net metering. Big changes could be in store for a number of states next year.


John Farrell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance looks at how effective solar has been at various government locations, and questions why solar is not being installed more in cities.


After testing out solar loans for a while, SolarCity announces its new MyPower loan program. It acts as a PPA-loan hybrid with payments based on how much electricity is generated each month.


Colorado-based Namasté Solar helps Colorado-based western apparel company Miller International go solar. The 499 kW installation will provide 80% of Miller’s electricity needs.