Two looks at solar and wind versus other power sources shed light on how these renewables are winning. They're growing faster than nuclear, and beat coal in running a lightbulb.


An infographic on residential solar from Custom Made condenses a lot of information about solar in one place, showing at a glance how far solar has come -- and how much farther it can go.


Demeter Power Group and the Clinton Global Initiative partner to offer a first-of-its kind deal for a PPA that’s paid back through a property tax assessment.


As soft costs continue to be a focus in the solar industry, the SunShot Catalyst competition aims to encourage cutting-edge solar companies that offer solutions in this area.


Originally published on Cleantechnica, written by Joshua S Hill The solar industry is dominated by statistics showcasing the Asia-Pacific Region’s dominance, thanks primarily to...


Lancaster, California, moves into 2014 with a mandate for all new single-family homes to come with solar power.