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Time to Choose is an important film that highlights solutions and shows the path forward in response to the pressing issue of climate change.


If the ITC ends as written at the end of next year, it will hurt solar and help fossil fuels. However, there are ways to adjust the ITC that would provide a solar cushion.


It’s official. California’s plan to reach 50 percent renewables by 2030 is achievable. Not only that -- it’s profitable. Analysts at Strategen Consulting found that...


More than 1,000 global energy leaders will meet in New York for the Future of Energy Summit. This is one of the world's largest forum for discussing the transition to clean energy.


In a significant transition for clean energy, solar beats wind in new installed generating capacity for 2013. That's just part of the clean-energy...


Massachusetts continues its push for solar as Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and the town of Dennis embark on a 22 MW solar project....


While we weren’t looking, a major new market has developed. It could be the next big thing for clean energy in the U.S....


by Aven Satre-Meloy Originally published on Mosaic In a historic move, the World Bank has just agreed to stop funding coal projects. This comes as...


The Senate rejected a measure on Wednesday to kill the Environmental Protection Agency's regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, handing President Barack Obama a...


President reaffirmed support of national 80% Clean Energy Standard by 2035 and blasted opponents who want to de-fund renewable energy investments. Sustainable Business