After two years of operation, any concerns that the public held appear to be a thing of the past. County Supervisors Dianne Jacob (at podium) and Dave Roberts (grey suit) recently held a press conference to describe how PACE programs heat up San Diego’s economy.


NRDC and SolarCity publish an analysis on costs and benefits of rooftop solar energy in Nevada. The study shows net metering is benefitting all utility customers in the state, and benefits could significantly increase under good solar policies.


It's that time of year again. Tax day has come and gone, signaling the "official" start of the solar selling season. Pam Cargill explains why this is the time of year when your strategic planning pays off.


Roy Hales of the ECOReport looks at the renewable meter adaptor being used by SDG&E. While the adaptor isn't applicable in every situation, it can save customers from a costly service panel upgrade.


Roy Hales of the ECOreport looks into how the San Diego Solar Community responds to SDG&E’s appeal of California's decision to not change the net metering rate


by Chris Meehan. Originally published at The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) surveyed 25 of the active community solar projects for a new report...


by Steven Bushong. Originally published at As world leaders prepare to gather in Paris to discuss global sustainability goals, NRG Home Solar, one of...


As part of its annual volunteer initiative, Mitsubishi joins with CSULB, and GRID Alternatives to install the arrays for 2 Los Angeles families.


Gulf Power proposes construction of Northwest Florida's first community solar program. Once approved, Gulf Solar Energy Share will be a 1 MW installation.


Yeloha expands from Massachusetts and Vermont into New York. This will allow residents who do not have access to rooftop solar to purchase the energy from someone who does generate their own solar energy.