Is Tesla Solar Roof just hype, or a real contender? Will it reallybe affordable? Find out more with this look at the history and economics of solar shingles.


SolPad, the world’s first truly integrated solar panel, marks a quantum leap in personal power and aims to gamify sustainable energy use for the masses. SolPad Mobile can be pre-ordered this May.


Jim Petersen of PetersenDean looks at how advanced battery storage along with smart software can offer solar-equipped homes a better way.


Roy L Hales of the ECOReport looks at the the new PACE funding guidelines and what two major PACE providers think of them.


There may be such a thing as over-studying -- especially when the studies keep finding the same thing. That's been the case with study after study on the costs and benefits of net metering.


Though solar can supply electricity for a fraction of the cost of conventional sources, there are great fluctuations in the market prices. Roy L Hales of The ECOreport reviews price differences in New York.


The ECOreport looks at America’s most successful privately owned roofing and solar company: PetersenDean illustrates residential solar’s explosive growth.


The days when close to 70% of California’s residential solar installations were leased may be over. Roy L Hales looks at why most residential solar customers prefer to buy their panels.


After two years of operation, any concerns that the public held appear to be a thing of the past. County Supervisors Dianne Jacob (at podium) and Dave Roberts (grey suit) recently held a press conference to describe how PACE programs heat up San Diego’s economy.


NRDC and SolarCity publish an analysis on costs and benefits of rooftop solar energy in Nevada. The study shows net metering is benefitting all utility customers in the state, and benefits could significantly increase under good solar policies.