Forward Labs is trying to build a better solar roof thanks to its construction industry know-how. The roof promises to be both attractive and affordable.


GRID Alternatives returns to where it began in San Diego eight years ago. Since then, the non-profit has put up a total of 824 systems throughout the county.


Are cash and loans the future of solar financing? AGTM Solar Summit panel last week delved into the merits of various financing options -- and which is likely to dominate.


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The California Solar Index, which tracks new solar permits in major markets, declined 41% in the first quarter of 2017 from the same period in 2016.


Roy L Hales of The ECOreport looks at why three Republican senators apply alternate facts to PACE financing. They are trying to pass the Protecting Americans from Credit Exploitation (PACE) Act.


Sunvago found that solar homes carried a $37,250 premium to non-solar homes or 6.7% of the the home value. This gives us confidence that the market is valuing solar systems at or above their net cost.


Casey Anderson looks at the competitive market in residential rooftop solar. Today, nearly half of all installers are competing with 20 or more companies for business.