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Veterans currently make up over 8% of the solar workforce! Solar Ready Vets is helping to boost this even further by providing free solar training to transitioning service members.


Time to Choose is an important film that highlights solutions and shows the path forward in response to the pressing issue of climate change.


With the growth and development of the solar industry comes a new type of career that will prove increasingly important in the years to come: Solar software developers. A glimpse of these solar jobs of the future could be seen at the Powerhouse SunCode Solar Hackathon, held in Oakland from May 13–14.


Will the U.S. replace oil and fossil fuels with clean solar and wind-powered technologies? It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

San Diego


Cities have been a key driver in the continued growth of solar over the years. Find out which cities are doing the best on making the switch to clean solar energy.


A new report from NREL finds that we can get much more of our electricity needs from rooftop solar than was previously thought. That's not even taking into account ground-mounted and utility-scale solar.


BrightCurrent is making significant gains in the solar marketing industry. It's dominating the field through an emphasis on education. For them, it's about what consumers know, not what they have.


The 2015 grades for Freeing The Grid have just been released. Find out what they mean for you, and if switching to clean energy is a smart choice.


This post was originally published at the Impress Labs Solar Marketing Think Tank The first rule of talking to Americans about climate change: Don’t talk about...


Green Mountain Power in Vermont can provide a roadmap for utilities to accommodate distributed generation.