Solar in Florida has shown a lot of innovation in recent years. However, an upcoming state constitutional amendment vote could spell boom or bust for solar in the state.


A key message at Solar Power International this year: it's time for solar to grow up. An important part of that will be building a solar brand, a topic that was explored in an engaging panel discussion.


What is the solar brand? A panel of experts gave their views on this prominent theme at last week's Solar Power International.

solar panel recycling


SEIA announces a new plan to reuse and recycle solar panels, in an effort to keep them from going into our nation's landfills.


Powerhouse is still in a sunshine state of mind. The solar startup incubator and accelerator hosted hundreds of guests at last Friday’s sold-out New Dawn party in Oakland.


In Part II of our Intersolar 2016 coverage we explore solar financing, storage, whether solar has crossed the chasm -- and let's not forget, Solar Battle of the Bands!


In 2013, the booth babes at Intersolar North America included the now infamous caged dancers at the Recom booth. They certainly drew a crowd. Booth babes at...


Another year, another Intersolar. Part 1 of our coverage looks at the opening ceremony and issues of net metering, community solar, and -- yes -- booth babes. Despite them, the conference didn't disappoint.


Utilities, equipment manufacturers, and others are working to develop energy storage using equipment already located in households to make the grid cleaner and cheaper. This was the focus of the summit Robin Roy attended, and can help accelerate the growth of solar.

solar ready vets


Veterans currently make up over 8% of the solar workforce! Solar Ready Vets is helping to boost this even further by providing free solar training to transitioning service members.