Forward Labs is trying to build a better solar roof thanks to its construction industry know-how. The roof promises to be both attractive and affordable.


Are cash and loans the future of solar financing? AGTM Solar Summit panel last week delved into the merits of various financing options -- and which is likely to dominate.


John Smirnow and Shayle Kann discussed the implications of Suniva's solar trade dispute at this year's Solar Summit. Smirnow breaks down how Section 201 petitions work and what may happen in this case.


Cory Honeyman of GTM research takes a look at what's going on in the residential solar sector. Growth rate may have slowed, but Honeyman believes the market remains in a good place.


At the GTM Solar Summit, Lynn Jurich weighs in about customer acquisition, net metering, rate design, and the state of the solar industry.


Shayle Kann, Head of GTM Research, starts off this year's Solar Summit with a look at the state of the solar industry. He also looks ahead at where the industry may be headed.


A key message at Solar Power International this year: it's time for solar to grow up. An important part of that will be building a solar brand, a topic that was explored in an engaging panel discussion.


What is the solar brand? A panel of experts gave their views on this prominent theme at last week's Solar Power International.


Powerhouse is still in a sunshine state of mind. The solar startup incubator and accelerator hosted hundreds of guests at last Friday’s sold-out New Dawn party in Oakland.


In Part II of our Intersolar 2016 coverage we explore solar financing, storage, whether solar has crossed the chasm -- and let's not forget, Solar Battle of the Bands!