At a sold-out rooftop party, solar startup incubator SfunCube announces a new corporate sponsorship from GE Energy Ventures -- just one way SfunCube is supporting solar entrepreneurs.


Stellar Solar wins the prestigious UT San Diego Readers Poll. This is the third time the company has won the award, with previous wins in 2011 and 2013 -- attesting to its excellent service record.


Kilroy Realty has selected UGE to provide a solar system for Dropbox’s new LEED Platinum San Francisco office. The custom PV array will offset the electricity used in the new commercial building.


Sugar Bowl Bakery announces the installation of a 1600-panel PV system at its Hayward, California facility.


PACE for commercial gets a boost from Ygrene Energy Fund, which has raised $30 million in growth capital. Ygrene is uniquea in that it provides both residential and commercial financing.


NationWize Solar completes the installation of 70 solar systems for low- and medium-income homeowners in New Orleans, just part of its plan to install solar on 1000 homes by early 2015.


GTM Research forecasts continued growth for the solar carport market until the winding-down of the ITC in 2017. The report expects the sector's market value to reach $843 million by 2016.


Residential solar provider American Solar Direct appoints Kevin A. Bauer as President. Bauer currently serves as the CFO of American Solar Direct and will remain in this role as well.


A new report highlights the issues with solar permitting in LA County. AB 2188 would help by standardizing and streamlining permitting practices statewide -- providing a model for the rest of the U.S.


A new report ranks the top solar states, with California again at the top for installed solar capacity. The report emphasizes the importance of favorable policies in encouraging solar adoptions.




RGS Energy and Mosaic announce that they have partnered to launch the Mosaic Home Solar Loan.