Those who wait to go solar may pay much more in areas such as Southern California, where limited promotions and demand may change system prices dramatically.


Other Avenues Food Cooperative and crowdfunding nonprofit RE-volv team up to put solar on the community grocery store, funded by customers and others passionate about clean, renewable, sustainable energy.


The Center for Sustainable Energy releases the California Solar Permitting Guidebook. The guide is free to cities and helps them to meet the state's standardized permitting requirements.


Roy Hales looks at the state of residential PACE programs in California. HERO and California First currently dominate, but there will be five in total operating throughout the state.


NRG Home Solar opens two new California offices in Merced and San Diego, adding to the NRG footprint in the state. The company plans to hire at least 100 employees for the two new locations.


The Department of the Navy partners with Lincoln Military Housing to install approximately 20 MW of solar on almost 6000 Navy and Marine Corps residences in San Diego.


The Solar Power Rocks website releases its annual ranking of states' solar policies. It attempts to provide an apples-to-apples comparison to show which states are doing the most for solar.


French company IRFTS aims to take solar mainstream in the U.S. by making solar installations cheaper and better-looking. North American Operations Manager Mateo Williford gives us an update.


Sungevity partners with three NHL teams -- the Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, and Anaheim Ducks -- to provide fans with solar education and unique offers that make it easy to make the switch to solar.


At Solar Power International, Justin Barnes, an analyst with Keys, Fox & Wiedman LLP, takes a look at the future of net metering. Big changes could be in store for a number of states next year.