Hanwha SolarOne becomes the newest board member for the Solar Energy Industries Association. Hanwha will work with SEIA to provide expertise from the perspective of a PV manufacturer.


The solar industry, where policy trumps sunshine as a resource, is hugely influenced by politics. There are five factors affecting solar politics and what we can do to influence their course.


The Solar Energy Industries Association and Solar Electric Power Association announce the first Solar Power Mid-Atlantic conference, taking place September 9 - 10 in Atlantic City. The focus will be on regional topics.


SEIA urges SolarWorld to offer a specific proposal for reaching a negotiated settlement. SEIA is hopeful that a settlement can be reached and is committed to finding an “industry-wide solution.”


Solar bill in Massachusetts passes in a watered-down form, but solar advocates hail the common-ground legislation as a significant step forward for solar in the state -- with more progress for solar to come.


A new report emphasizes the serious economic consequences of delaying action on climate change. SEIA urges states to expand solar energy, and the Worldwatch Institute highlights the growth of solar.


Arizona utility APS makes an unusual play to enter the residential solar market by offering to install 20 MW of PV panels on residential homes. Is this just a strategy to maintain market dominance over solar?


SEIA testifies on Capitol Hill in favor of reforming the permitting process for solar projects on public lands. SEIA says permitting improvements must be institutionalized if we are to realize solar’s potential.


The solar industry reacts to the U.S. Department of Commerce decision to impose anti-dumping duties on China and Taiwan.


The Energy Information Administration issues a new report predicting that 83 GW of renewable capacity will be added in the U.S. through 2040,...




RGS Energy and Mosaic announce that they have partnered to launch the Mosaic Home Solar Loan.