Centrosolar announces a new residential solar loan offering in partnership with LightStream, the online consumer lending division of SunTrust Ban. The unsecured loans of up to $100,000 will be available nationwide through Centrosolar America’s network of more than 600 solar installers in 43 states.


From Factory to Rooftop…Centrosolar Scales Up Distribution and Delivery of Solar in the U.S. with SAP Solutions


Centrosolar America Poised for Continued Growth As the Company Connects to a Global SAP Platform to Optimize Logistics, Delivery and Reliability


Scottsdale, AZ—October 24, 2012- — With its continuing growth in the U.S. solar market, today Centrosolar America, the U.S. subsidiary of Centrosolar Group AG in Munich, Germany, announced the launch of its SAP platform. The system will optimize its operations company-wide, creating a seamless process from production through logistics, sales and service; while positioning the company to scale up its operations and delivery of solar across the country.


For US solar installers, the new, integrated logistics system means even more reliable, on time and accurate deliveries. For Centrosolar America, the new highly integrated SAP platform connects their US warehousing operations and distribution facilities to global production facilities and vendors. This means a more streamlined and faster warehousing process and the implementation of a Just in Time (JIT) inventory strategy, minimizing the costs of inventory control and maintenance.


“We are investing in the future of solar energy in America with this integration of the SAP platform across our company,” said Managing Director, Deep Chakraborty. “We now have the resources in place to continue the scale-up of our business to meet the growing demand for Centrosolar products and services from our installer network and their solar customers.”


Centrosolar America is already changing how solar installers order and configure complete solar systems with its Centro-Pack.com and CentroLease.com, the company’s two online portal options that support its popular CentroPack® ‘all in one’, customized and fully integrated photovoltaic system for residential rooftop solar installations.  Through Centro-Pack.com and CentroLease.com installers can easily order their PV panels and parts via a seamless online program integrating cash or leased CentroPack® solar solutions.


“With this ambitious project, Centrosolar America is setting the standard for operational excellence in the US solar market,” said Managing Director, Ram Akella.


The SAP solutions enable highly efficient, group-wide reporting, as well as real-time generation of financial statements.  Process optimizations are also made possible for managing sales and service operations. The European subsidiaries of CENTROSOLAR Group AG have been operating the uniform SAP platform since 2010.


About Centrosolar America, Inc.

Centrosolar America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CENTROSOLAR Group AG, one of the leading publicly traded solar companies in Europe, with revenues of EUR 294mn ($389mn) in 2011and over 1000 employees in 21 locations. Centrosolar has production facilities in Germany for its PV modules and components like solar glass. Centrosolar America, Inc. has a strong offering in the US market with complete CentroPack PV kits – along with branded PV modules, PV rooftop racking solutions and other balance-of system components like switchgear and inverters. Centrosolar Americahas full-scale distribution facilities in Arizona, California and New Jersey and serves a national value-added integrator network for the residential and commercial channel. More information can be found at www.centrosolaramerica.com.




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